Author: Fulvio Risuleo e Antonio Pronostico 
Title: Sniff
Pages: 112, Color
Price: 20,00 euro
Date: September 2019

Featured on Fumettologica’s Best Graphic Novels of 2019

Foreign sales: France (Presque Lune).

sniff ‹nif› [from (to) sniff, of onomatopoeic origin]. – In the language of comics, graphic form indicating sadness or tears, from the noise that is made by snuffling through the nose.

A couple at the end of their rope in a beautiful mountain resort. An idyllic ski retreat in the Italian Dolomites sets the background of the latest Coconino Press’
debut: a tale that, with atmospheres reminiscent of Gogol and an innovative narrative structure, follows the interactions of a couple as they are both
impassible witnesses and desperate victims to the disentegration of their love.

How do the authors achieve that? Well, you just have to read it….

Playing a game in which they treat their own actions as those of two strangers, caustically commenting each others’ every moves as if they were observing two
passerbyes instead of themselves, they try to reignite a fire that might as well be already just a bunch of ashes.

Outrageosly challeging each others through violent flirtations with strangers only makes it more obvious that their sexual desire for each other has died. Finally, an interaction with a blonde waitress becomes the butterfly effect to a tornado that will put a definitive end to this dying relationship.
A debut that is both excitingly experimental and utterly relatable, with superb writing and striking art.

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FULVIO RISULEO was born in Rome in 1991. He studied film direction at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. His graduation project Lievito Madre (Yeast Base) won the third prize in the Cinéfondation category at the festival of Cannes 2014. That same year he released Reportage Bizarre, a web-cinema project entailing twenty video fragments for each of the 20 arrondissements of Paris. In 2015 his following short film Varicella (Chicken Pox) won la Semaine de la Critique at the festival of Cannes. In 2016 he published his first comic book titled Pixel with Ultra – Lit editore. His first full length feature film titled Guarda in alto (Look upward) was released in 2018 and he recently finished shooting his second feature film Il colpo del cane (Dog’s Stroke).

ANTONIO PRONOSTICO was born in Tricarico in 1987, a small country village in the Italian region of Basilicata. He studied visual communications and founded together with two friends, the collective Collectivemensa, a self produced literary, illustration and comics magazine through which he becomes involved in the Italian underground comics scene. At the same time he starts collaborating with some italian magazines and fanzines such as the iconic Frigidaire. He currently works as a graphic designer for various festivals and associations such as the circoli Arci.


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