Cosma & Mito

Author: Vincenzo Filosa e Nicola Zurlo
Title: Cosma & Mito
Pages: 136, Color
Price: 16,00 euro
Date: March 2019

One of the 100 most downloaded books on Amazon in March 2019

A Gajin Manga visually inspired by Shieu Mizuki’s Kitaro that mixes ancient Calabrian legends with Japanese mythology to create a story that is both fantastic and utterly realstic: a single mother’s struggle to defend her choices against her family’s will.

Everybody knows that in Calabria, in the inhospitable Sila forest, there is a village inhabited by werewolves. These licantropes have been living there since humans and pruppi (antrophomorphic octopuses) pushed them out of cities, villages and towns. Some people suspect that they are behind the mysterious disappearance of several young kids. Others even take it as far as accusing them of recruiting young blood to overthrow the usurpers and take their reign back.

Mito lives with his mother Cosma in a small Calabrian town. When he suddently disappears, Cosma goes looking for him in the wood, starting a desperate hunt that will force both mother and son to face a horrible family secret.

The first volume of a four part ultra-pop yet ancestral adventure.

« Filosa invented the Spaghetti Manga. »

VINCENZO FILOSA was born in Calabria in 1980. Strongly influenced by Japanese manga culture, he was involved in the rediscovery of independent 60s and 70s manga in Italy. He is also the editorial director of Coconino’s Gekiga and Doku book series.

NICOLA ZURLO born in 1984, is an Italian screenwriter and independent filmmaker. Cosma & Mito is his first comic.


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